The Computing Scale

The Village has several sets of scales on display ranging from the large ones in the Railway Station to the small ones in the Post Office, and the Avery scales in the Grocery Store but the set that deserve special mention are the ones in the Butchers Shop.

You are probably asking why that would be the case. These scales were manufactured by The Computing Scale Co. Dayton Ohio U.S.A.

To give you a little bit of history.

In 1885 Julius E Pitrap of Gallipolis, Ohio patented his first computing scale.

In 1891 he sold the business to Edward Canby Orange Ozias of Dayton Ohio and they incorporate the company as “The Computing Scale Company.”

In 1895 The Computing Scale Company introduces the first automatic computing scale.

In 1911 there were some mergers between The International Time Recording Company, The Computing Scale Company, and the Tabulating Machine Company and they merge to form the Computing Tabulating Recording Company {CTR}.

In 1924 CTR had a name change to the international company to what is now IBM.

Luckily IBM kept all this information in their archives.

We think our scales were manufactured around 1905 but as there is no serial number to be found we cannot verify it but by the design and other features we know it was between 1895 and 1911.

These scales were first put on display in our Village in 2009 when we revamped our Butcher’s shop.

A couple of adverts from the Scale Journal – October 1915