Feather Clubs Association of Queensland Inc.

The Feather Clubs Association of Queensland Inc (FCAQI) is the state body representing the poultry clubs of Queensland.

The Association offers registration for individuals enabling them to exhibit poultry at events run by affiliated clubs, a list of contacts, judges panel lists, steward and judge training and mentoring, and provides public liability insurance to its members. There are approximately 50 affiliated member clubs throughout Queensland.

The FCAQI was originally formed in 1959 under the title of “All Feathered Clubs Advisory Council (AFCAC) (Qld).

The goals of the Association are to:

  • To promote the general improvement of the standard, breeding and exhibition of poultry, waterfowl and aviculture.
  • To assist in the improvement and maintenance of the Australian Poultry Standards and to recognise that this is the official standard used in the adjudication of shows within Queensland.
  • To keep a register of persons recognised as competent to act as judges at all types of shows conducted by clubs affiliated with the association.
  • To cooperate and coordinate with groups, bodies, agencies and individuals with interests similar to the Association.
  • To undertake activities that preserve and promote the history and appreciation of the standard breeding and exhibition of poultry and aviculture and other ornithological pursuits.

For further information, please contact the Secretary of the Association here:

[email protected], or

Call: 0419 563 026